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The Art Museum
Zoo Story
Shut Up Simpsons
Homer: This way to the monkey house, everybody
Bart: Can I have a peanut dad?
Homer: Shut up and pay attention.
Bart: All I asked for was a measly peanut.
Marge: Don't sass your father Bart.
Lisa: Yeah, Bart.
Homer: Now over here we have the typical monkey family, just look at their stupid antics. (Giggles)
Purple Bart monkey: (Hoots)
Purple Homer monkey: (Whacks purple Bart monkey)
Homer, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie: (Laughs)
Bart: (stands in disappointment)
Bart: (talking to the purple monkey of himself) Hey man, I know just how you feel.
Purple Bart Monkey: (hands him a peanut)
Homer: (teasing the Monkeys) Here monkey monkey monkey monkey, whoo! (Laughs)
Bart: Dad, don't tease the Monkeys.
Homer: Ahh, just funnin with them. Hey monkeys, want some peanuts? Whoo! (laughs)
Lisa: They don't like it dad.
Marge: She's right Homer.
Homer: Ahh, come on, where's your sense of humor, ooooo, whoo!!! (Laughs)
One of the purple monkeys: (Throws their waste at Homer's face)
Bart: Right on dudes.
Homer: (enraged) That`s the last time I ever go to the zoo!
Marge: Calm down Homer
Homer: I had it with those vile monkeys
Monkey: (hoots)
Homer: What was that?
(Homer stops the car and screams)
Homer: (screaming)
Bart Monkey: (hoots)
Marge: Well ...then where is Bart?
Homer Monkey: (Hoots)
Bart: I love you guys but really I'm stuck thanks anyway, I couldn't eat another...
(Homer Monkey puts another banana in his mouth)

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