Ziff corp sign tapped out

ZiffCorp is a software company, formerly owned by Artie Ziff.


The company was founded by Artie Ziff after he graduated from college.

The company's products include the Snore Converter and a device that turns "that horrible computer noise into music (also available in lyrics)".[1]

ZiffCorp lost $1 million due to Artie spending the company's budget on unnecessary items. "The bubble burst," as he put it. Artie was then wanted by the Security and Exchanges Commission for fraud. He was CEO and majority shareholder until he lost his shares to Homer in a poker game. As a result, Homer was taken before the U.S. Supreme Court in Artie's place to face trial over the company's losses.[2]

Behind the Laughter

ZiffCorp's downfall, and their tilted Z logo, parodies Enron.
Ziff corp tapped out

Tapped Out