Ziff Mansion is a mansion owned by Artie Ziff.


Artie once invited Marge there to show her what life she would have had if she chosen him. He organized senior prom. Everything was as it looked that night in 1974 - from decorations to people who Artie had paid to dress in 1970s fashion and dance to. Meanwhile, Homer tried to enter the mansion, but is stopped by Principal Dondelinger. Artie tried to kiss Marge and she struggled to get free. Homer saw it all from a skylight where it appeared to be a romantic embrace from. He left crying. Marge finally broke free from Artie, slapped him on the face and left the room angrily. Everyone stared at Artie what annoyed Artie. He told them to start dancing again and demonstrated some break-dancing moves.

Ziff Mansion Tapped out

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