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Zia Simpson

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Zia Simpson
Zia Simpson
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair Blonde with one blue streak in her bangs
Age 13
Relatives Mother: Lisa Simpson

Father: Milhouse Van Houten
Grandfathers: Homer Simpson, Kirk Van Houten
Grandmothers: Marge Simpson, Luann Van Houten
Uncle: Bart Simpson
Aunt: Maggie Simpson
Cousins: Bart's Elder Son, Bart's Younger Son, and Maggie's unnamed daughter

First Appearance Holidays of Future Passed
Voiced By Yeardley Smith
Gee, I'm fine, Mom. Thanks for asking. (Rolls her eyes) I'm going online.
―Zia Simpson

Zia Simpson is the future daughter of Milhouse Van Houten and Lisa Simpson.


Zia's Room2
Lisa entering Zia's Ultranet Room
JhonevansAdded by Jhonevans

Zia spends much of her time plugged into the Ultranet, and in doing so somewhat disappoints her mother. Zia looks most like her mother, explained to have most of Lisa's genes. However, Zia is much more rebellious than Lisa, which leads Lisa to think that Zia doesn't respect her. She has a changing tattoo on her left arm, one of which is the Taoist symbol the Yin Yang.

Worried, Lisa enters the Ultranet to check up on Zia despite her own feelings. It was there Lisa learns Zia looks up to her more often than Lisa thinks. Lisa tells Zia that she's sorry for invading her privacy and promises to be less naggy. A door to another room, a dance club, opens slightly, so Zia closes the door before her mom realizes what's behind the door.


  • Zia's last name is highly disputable. It is heavily implied that Lisa takes Milhouse's surname. However, Zia's Ultranet Room reads on the front "Zia Simpson".
  • Zia has a tattoo on her upper left arm that is evidently a hologram or some other similar device, since it changes into several different designs. These designs include:


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