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Zack is a producer for the reality show Sneakers.


When Homer gained weight after starting a new diet, Marge wondered whether Homer was cheating on the diet. Then she saw a Sneakers ad on TV and decided to call the show, thinking that they might also work with diet cheating.

Zack agreed to air Marge's story, and the crew put Homer under surveillance. They videotaped him taking a stack of syrupy pancakes (which he has disguised as a woman) into a motel room and eating on the pancakes in bed and in the shower. The shower footage disgusted even Zack, and for the first time in his career, he ordered the cameras to be turned off.

Finally, the show staged the confrontation between Homer and Marge, where Homer was supposed to be exposed as a cheater while Marge teared into him. However, Marge finally saw through the show's tactics, and delivered a resounding slap to Zack instead of to Homer. Then she called him out for trying to split up her and Homer instead of helping them.

Zack, however, was totally unfazed. After Marge slapped him and chewed him out, Zack announced that he's going to get to work on editing the footage to make Marge look more insane.