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Yuma Hickman

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Yuma Hickman
120px-Yuma Simpson medium
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Hair Brown
Age Deceased
Occupation N/A
Relatives Parents: Willard and

Theodora Hickman
Husband: Orville Simpson
Sons: Hubert Simpson,
Tyrone Simpson,
Cyrus Simpson,
Abraham Simpson,
Bill Simpson,
Chet Simpson and
Boris Simpson (possible)
Daughter (possible): Hortense Simpson (possible)
Grandchildren: Homer,
Herb, Frank, Valerie and
Abbie Simpson
Greatgrandchildren: Stanley,
Hugo (non-canon),
Jessica Simpson,
Lisa and
Maggie Simpson

First Appearance Much Apu About Nothing
Voiced By Tress MacNeille

Yuma Simpson (née Hickman), or Great Grandma Simpson (died 1980) is Homer's paternal grandmother from "The Old Country", which has similar characteristics to Ireland or Scotland. Grampa said "Back in the old country, I don't remember which one..." Yuma was the daughter of Willard Hickman and Theodora Hutshing married Orville Simpson in the early 1900s. For a few years, they lived inside the Statue of Liberty, along with their sons, until the head of it was filled with too much garbage. With their sons they moved to Springfield where she had another and eventually died there. Yuma passed away when Marge was pregnant to Bart and long after her husband. She died around 1980.

Yuma hickman
Yuma Hickman living in the statue of Liberty calling to Abe.
JupiternAdded by Jupitern
Yuma zoomed.


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