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You Kent Always Say What You Want/Transcript.

(Maggie draws a picture).

MARGE: Kitty cat.

(Maggie nods, and draws another picture).

MARGE: Elmo.

(Maggie nods, and draws another picture. However, Marge doesn't know).

MARGE: Watering can!

(Maggie nods. Patty and Selma were surprised,)

PATTY: This is a nightmare.

SELMA: We are getting blown out of the water!

MARGE: What can I say? Maggie and I share a special bond.

(Maggie looks at the clock, reading 9 to 35. Maggie draws another picture.)

MARGE: School bus! Bart and Lisa? (Marge gasps). Bart and Lisa are almost home from school, and we have a dentist appointment at three o'clock! Thanks, Maggie!

PATTY: We win by four-fit!

SELMA: A sweetest win there is! (Patty and Selma smoke. They say "Ah" at the same time).

(Meanwhile, in the Orange Station Wagon):

(Engine revs.)

MARGE: It won't start! (Engine revs again). I'll just use Homer's Triple-A card. American Applesauce Association? We have to run. There isn't time to strech my quads! (Scene then cuts to Marge and Maggie running on the road). My quads! Every step is a nightmare!

(Yodelling music begins. Marge runs down the street and bumps into Comic Book Guy. She then runs to the Kwik-E-Mart, went around the babies, and Apu gives her a slushie. While running down the street, Marge bumps into Snake. Marge has Snake's gun and Snake has Maggie. They swap things.)

MARGE: Whoops!

(Snake laughs, then shoots at Wiggum).


MARGE: Can you hold it up Maggie?

(Maggie smiles, then a truck approaches Marge. Marge screams. The truck driver, Hans Moleman, also screames, Marge goes under the truck. They arrive at a house, where Mayor Quimby and girls are playing. Marge steps on the girls and Mayor Quimby).

MARGE: Sorry, sorry, sorry!

(They reach a drainage pipe, where they found rats, crocodiles, and Barney).

BARNEY: Hi, folks!

(Marge climbs up the ladder, where a Chinese New Year parade is playing. Marge goes under the dragon. The front person said "Neigh!" instead of "Ow!" Marge then founds out a St. Patricks day is playing.)

LEPRACON: Here's a taste sauce.

(Marge then arrives at the Springfield Dog Park. She goes under a dog with Maggie on top of the dog. Eventually, they are nearly at there house.)

MARGE: We're going to make it!

HELEN: Marge Simpsons, I've just heard a delicious piece of gossip!

MARGE: Tell him later!

(When Marge arrives. Bart and Lisa open the door).

MARGE: Oh hi, kids. You're just in time to go to the dentist!

BART: The dentist? You said we are going on dirt bikes around the cemetery!

LISA: Oh, Bart, you fall for that every six months!

HOMER: Hey, suckers, check it out! Marge is taking me to ride dirt bikes around cemetery!

LISA: You're going to the dentist too, Dad.

HOMER: Why cemetery, I wonder, that my dreams were too strong!

This script was done by All credit goes to them.

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