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You Kent Always Say What You Want
The Simpsons Movie
Homer: I've never been to war, but I imagine it felt just like your first kill. The happiness swept me away! [accidentally spills hot coffee on Kent Brockman's pants]
Kent Brockman: Aaaahhh! That hurt like a [gibberish, four-syllable expletive]

Kent Brockman: Excuse me, sir, did you see my broadcast tonight?
Comic Book Guy: Oh, God, no. I get my news from the Internet like any normal person under 70. Farewell, dinosaur.

Krusty: Damn that Brockman! There are only two rules in TV: don't swear, and don't whip it out!

Homer: Marge, the couch is lumpy!
Kent Brockman: That's because you're sitting on me, you lummox!

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