The Kid is All Right
Yellow Subterfuge
White Christmas Blues

Cultural References

  • The episode title is a reference to The Beatles 1966 song "Yellow Submarine".
  • The Song "Skinner" is a parody of the song "Django" from Django Unchained.
  • The moment when a man and a woman are in space is a reference to the movie Gravity.
  • Spugna Roberto Quadrati Pantaloni is a Italian parodied version of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The scene in which Principal Skinner says "I am the law" is a reference to the catchphrase of British comic book character Judge Dredd.
  • The Irish Krusty saying sad stories could be a reference to Angela's Ashes and when he says that his mother filled her pockets full of rocks and walked into the sea. It references when Irish wives lose their husband they commit suicide to avoid responsibilities. 
  • The quote that Romanian Krusty is president for life Krusty is a reference to the dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.


  • A number of characters' surnames, as well as first names, are revealed in this episode.
    • Database's first name is revealed to be Kyle.
    • Wendell's surname is Queasly. (as a reference to his frequent vomiting)
    • Janey's surname is now Jackson instead of Powell or Henderson.
    • Sherri and Terri's surnames are revealed to be Mackleberry.
    • Dolph's surname is Saphiro, at least in this episode.
  • This is the second episode in which setting up an embarrassing identification for someone facing law trouble occurs. The first was The Monkey Suit.
  • Homer says he will need to fake his own death sometime. He faked his own death in Mother Simpson.
  • The tagline "Yvan eht nioj" ("Join the Navy" spelled backwards) is seen during the film promoting the submarine ride. The tagline was previously seen in "New Kids on the Blecch".
  • On Skinner's list of of students there is a Bort Sampson.
  • In some airings, the beginning of this episode was cut out because Skinner blows off the bully's heads with his shotgun.


  • In the gym, exact duplicates of several students in Mrs. Krabappel's class are seen.

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