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The Yale University is a real life location in New Haven, Connecticut. It is mentioned several times on The Simpsons series.

Privileged Boy

Cameron holding a Yale diploma


On the Season 2 episode Bart Gets Hit by a Car, Lionel Hutz mentions that he went to lots of universities such as Harvard, Yale, M.I.T., Oxford, The Sorbonne and The Louvre (Possibly a lie, as M.I.T. doesn't have a law school and the last one is an art museum).

During Season 6's Lisa's Wedding, Lisa and Hugh Parkfield met at an Eastern University, very similar to Yale.

On Burns, Baby Burns, It's revealed that Mr. Burns was part of the Yale class of 1914. In 1949, during a class reunion, he met Lily Bancroft. They fell in love and "Expressed their love phisically", ending up on Larry Burns' birth. During The Canine Mutiny it's revealed that Burns was possibly a member of Skull and Bones. Sometimes during conversations, Mr. Burns mentions Yale.

During Future-Drama and Barthood, it's mentioned that Lisa is going to study at Yale. Also, during Future-Drama, Lisa mentions that Yale is now owned by McDonald's.

Yale will come back in the Season 28 episode The Caper Chase.

Future-Drama 75

Lisa reading the Yale's Course Catalogue

Known Professors

Known Students


Guest Stars, Cast and Crew


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