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Xoxchitla is a Brazilian actress who is the main presenter of the children's television programme, Teleboobies.


She first appeared in Marge Be Not Proud when Krusty the Clown introduces a few people for his Krusty Kinda Christmas holiday special. After presenting Tom Landry, Krusty gets confused trying to pronounce Xoxochitla's name. She is seen dressed in a fur stole, hat and fur coat appropriate for winter weather.

She also appeared in Blame It on Lisa, where she is the host of a Brazilian children's television show named Teleboobies. While hosting her show, she wears a hat with feathers, a pearl necklace, wings, pink gloves, seashell boots and a low-cut pink leotard that shows off her quite ample cleavage. 

The clothes she wears later in the episode and in You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee are grey pants, a hat with feathers and a bra with tassels on it. 

When Bart watches her show again she twirls the tassels on her bra clockwise and counter clockwise, when Bart watches her again she says "Entape, pene. Entape, pene" what she does isn't shown to the viewers but it shocks Bart, Lisa and Marge who watch the show. Possibly hinting she went topless. She along with other characters on her show dance during carnival, when Bart looks at her he says a "She makes paying attention cool". When Lisa wonders where Ronaldo's dressing room is, Xoxochitla says "That way" pointing in the direction with the tassels on her breasts. 

Bart watches her program again in You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee. When she dances on her show the letter "C" behind her gains a bar an obvious erection joke. Bart replied saying that Krusty should get those letters.

Behind the Laughter

Since Teleboobies is a spoof of the famous Brazilian programme, Xou da Xuxa, Xoxochitla is meant to parody the real-life show's presenter, Xuxa Meneghel–down to the double "x" in her name.


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