The Wolfcastle Family is one of the many families who are native to Springfield.


The immediate Wolfcastle family consists of three members: Greta Wolfcastle and her parents, Rainier Wolfcastle and Maria Wolfcastle.

Extended Family Members

Other members include Brunella Wolfcastle and Mr. Pommelhorse. The Wolfcastle family is linked to Quimby Family by the marriage of Rainier Wolfcastle and Maria Quimby and by the birth of Greta Wolfcastle. Brunella Wolfcastle, the sister of Rainier Wolfcastle, married Mr. Pommelhorse. Rainier mentioned that he had been the "son of a Nazi" during a stump speech in the Springfield recall elections.

Family Member Gallery

Behind the laughter

  • On the show Up Late with McBain, the announcer for the show was Obergruppenfuehrer Wolfcastle, who as the name implied was an implied SS officer. Whether he was related in any way to Rainier Wolfcastle or not is not clear.