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Wild Wild Skinner is a song sung by a voiceover freaturing Skinner at the end during Skinner's dream in the episode "Yellow Subterfuge "


Women Choral: Skinner!

Men: Skinner! He patrols the school halls.

Women Choral: Skinner!

Men: When you spit, he's got the balls

As you mosey through the school

All the kids say you're so cool

And you even made Bart Simpson

Spill his milk.

Women Choral: Skinner!

Men: Skinner! You're the master of your faith!

Superintendent Chalmers: Skinneeeeer!!!

Principal Skinner: [Wispering, almost sleeping] Skinner! You sure look good in chaps. Skinner!

Superintendent Chalmers: Wake up, You're on!


At the end of the episode, as Seymour is disguised as Dick Fiddler, the music changes its lyrics:

Women Choral: Fiddler!

Men: Fiddler! You look stupid in this beard.

Women Choral: Fiddler!

Men: This dream is getting weird.