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"Why you little!" is one of Homer's catchphrases. Most of the time, it is traditionally followed by Homer strangling Bart for whatever reason, commonly being Bart insulting Homer verbally, but in the episode Homer's Phobia, Bart slapped Homer on account of seeing people hitting each other. Homer doesn't strangle Bart because he is too far away, and another time, Homer strangles Bart for no reason, and yet another time has Homer say it yet not actually do anything about Bart due to being distracted with an opportunity Bart's prank provided him. On this occasion, the catchphrase is echoed (“Mona Leaves-a”). Another time, Homer eats a fire stick and tries to burn and strangle Bart after the latter made his burning mouth even worse by guzzling lighter fluid instead of water (“Father Knows Worst”). In some episodes, Homer doesn't say Why, you little! before strangling Bart, but instead says something different (i.e, in Blood Feud, when Homer learns Bart already mailed his letter to Mr. Burns, he says I'll show you mad in the morning! before choking Bart. In some cases, even though he yells the catchphrase or a similar wording thereof, his target is actually someone else, not Bart.


A count of 19 variations was heard on television/mentioned in comics. These uses often differed because the phrase would change to suit the current situation.

  • "Why, you little! I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!"/"Why, you little! I'll strangle-angle you!" (The Simpsons Movie)
  • "Don't tell me I'm not capable of good behavior!" (Donnie Fatso)
  • "Why, you metal..........!" (Used for Bart's replacement robot David in "Treehouse of Horror XVI")
  • "Why you little...! Hmm, free wig eh?" (Homer says this after Bart tricked him into getting a coupon for a free wig under the pretense of getting tickets for a game, being about to strangle Bart for the prank, but then gets the idea to actually GET a wig modeled after Marge to use for himself as a means to mimic her enough to not need her anymore and ignoring Bart afterward in "Homer Loves Flanders").
  • "Why, you little Borderline psycho-" (Said by B.F. Sherwood in Family Therapy [this is the first variation])
  • "Why, you cotton-pickin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Used for Cletus in "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily")
  • "Choke on your candor!" (Used on Bart after he makes fun of him being attacked by a grizzly bear in "The Fat and the Furriest")
  • "Well, take note of THIS!!" (before strangling Bart, believing that he has cheated on his history test, though he later finds out that he didn't in "Sleeping with the Enemy")
  • "Why, thee little!" (The pilgrim portrayals of Homer and Bart employed this gag in "The Wettest Stories Ever Told")
  • "Pretend to care!" (while strangling Bart in "She Used To Be My Girl")
  • "Why you little bastard......!" (after Lisa points out that there are two types of bastard; it should be noted that while Homer is strangling Bart she comments, "THAT'S the angry one." in "Wedding for Disaster")
  • "WHY! YOU! LITTLE! Burn, Barty burn! (roar)! (After Bart pranked Homer, after the latter stupidly ingested a flaming fire breathing torch thinking it was a "fire kabob", by tricking him into ingesting lighter fluid when he needed water, proceeded to shout his catchphrase while consequently breathing fire while trying to pursue Bart, and upon getting him into a stranglehold, proceeds to spray fire at his face in "Father Knows Worst"
  • "Why, you big...!" (Marge says this as she enters a two-way "why you little!" by strangling Homer who was himself about to do so with the gag's traditional victim in "Homer's Night Out". Blossom also says this when she strangles Mojo Jojo in the Powerpuff Girls's story in Boogie Frights.)
  • "You stole my money!" (Bart says this as he attempts to reverse the roles in Barting Over. Bart's hands are too small so he pulls Homer's belt off and uses it as a Homer-strangler instead.)
  • "I paid for your splendor!" (Homer to Bart in Barting Over after seeing Bart's new home and that half of his paycheck went to Bart in him settling in on his new luxuries.)
  • "I'll Kwanzaa you!" (Homer after Bart demands Homer's mother, Mona, give him several years worth of holiday money in "Mother Simpson".)
  • "I'll audience you! (after Bart tells him that he lost his stranglehold on the audience in his show in "Today, I Am a Clown".)
  • "Choke on your lies!" (when Bart tells Homer that he did not make a prank call to Brazil in "Blame It on Lisa".)
  • "Die, monster!" (when realizing Bart made the Angry Dad cartoons and humiliated him in "I Am Furious (Yellow)")
  • "Just run the the camera, you little--!" (when Bart is filming Homer's speech to Marge that he is leaving her because she is going out with Artie Ziff and says "Patty and Selma?! Screw that!" in "Half-Decent Proposal")
  • "Why, you very little--" (strangling Bart in a video on "The Girl Who Slept Too Little")
  • "Boy - must - die!" (when Bart spills the lotion that makes hair grow in "Simpson and Delilah")
  • "I'll show you mad in the morning!" (when Homer realizes that Bart mailed the letter, but Marge scolds him, "Homer, you encouraged him. You should be strangling yourself!" in "Blood Feud")
  • "Why, you little! I'll teach you to have a libido!" (Strangling Bart as Homer catches him and Milhouse watching softer-than-soft-porn on the Internet I.E. Flanders' two female tenants transmitting slightly naughty live webcam shows (no nudity though!) from inside Flanders' own house in "Home Away from Homer")
  • "YOU!! You did this to me!" (when Homer realizes that Bart turned his shirt pink in Stark Raving Dad)
  • "Why you monster! And you took my daughter's saxophone too! (Homer's rage at the cat burglar directed at the Channel six stage manager in Homer the Vigilante)
  • "Choke on my numb, blue hands!" (Homer attempting to strangle Bart with frozen hands in A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again)
  • Why. you slimy little! (Homer on snail Bart in Married to the Blob)
  • Why, you little! I'll show you who's a flabbi! (Homer rolls Bart's face on his big stomach in Clown in the Dumps)
  • He what? You monster! (Homer says this in Angry Dad: The Movie. Blossom also says this to Bart before strangling him at the end of in Boogie Frights.)
  • "Why, you Little! I'll give you a good night kiss you won't soon forget! Grr! Come here, you!" (Rubs Bart's face with his facial hair in Labor Pains)
  • "Oh, my God! He's stealing all the burgers! Why, you LITTLE! I've... got... you!" (Homer says this to the Estonian Dwarf playing the role of The Krusty Burglar when tackling him, throttling him, and then proceeding to do a massive beatdown on him to within an inch of his life under the belief that the latter was actually trying to steal all the burgers, traumatizing the present children while subbing for Krusty the Clown as part of a promotional gig at Krusty Burger in "Homie the Clown").
  • "I'll mace you good!" (Homer in a video tape exposing his less than stellar parenting methods to his own children, where it showed a very incriminating clip where Homer is chasing Bart with a swinging mace, or rather, medieval flail, with the clear intention of beating him with it in "Children of a Lesser Clod")
    • "That was taken out of context! Why, you little! (Roars)" (Homer says this in response to the above clip, only to further prove the film's veracity regarding its claims that Homer was a horrible parent to his own children by climbing up onto the stage and proceeds to strangle Bart in anger in the aforementioned episode).
  • "P, Q, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, you little!" (Homer, who at the time was trying to teach Maggie the alphabet while at the same time trying to implicitly beg Bart into giving him some Butterfinger BBs that he and Lisa were eating, with Bart, in the style of the alphabet, refusing, proceeds to rush through the rest of the alphabet before reaching the letter "Y", and attempts to attack Bart in retribution upon reaching the letter while yelling his catchphrase in the Butterfinger BB's commercial ABC's)
  • "Huh? Why, you little..." (Moe Szyslak says this after being on the receiving end of a prank call in Bart vs. the Space Mutants)


It is revealed in "Brawl in the Family" that Homer had strangled Bart since he was a baby because in the scene where Homer strangled Bart and Lisa told Marge the way she tried to pry them isn't working, Marge told her she had been prying them apart since before Lisa was born.

Bugs Bunny used the same catchphrase with a gremlin in the 1943 Merrie Melodies cartoons, "Falling Hare." and in Easter Yeggs with a Dead End Kid.

El Matador from Supa Strikas almost does this to Hack until Coach interrupts it during a discussion about a match against Nakama FC on airplane in their trip to Japan, but only saying this quote in episode Beautiful Gaming.

In the English dub of Beyblade, Tyson Granger used the catchphrase with a nuisance of a kid named Daichi Sumeragi.

In Disney's 1994 show Aladdin, Ayam Aghoul used the same catchphrase while try's to throw the skull at Genie before releasing Pharabu from the web.

In SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles used the same catchphrase with SpongeBob while racing to work and competing for the title of Employee of the Month at The Krusty Krab.

In Disney's 1989 film The Little Mermaid, there's a reference to it when Vanessa strangles Scuttle.

In 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, Cruella De Vil also says this catchphrase to a newspaper dealer who throws a newspaper into her face.

In Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Lickboot says the catchphrase after he was being kicked in the leg by Robyn Starling and Tom Cat says it as he angrily grabs Jerry Mouse after realizing that the pesky little mouse was right behind him among the remains the burned cabin.

In Red Alert 3 in the final Soviet mission Allied President Howard T. Ackerman says this catchphrase after the Soviet forces destroyed Fort Bradley.

In Codename Kids Next Door, Numbuh Four says this to a girl who cheekily says to him, "Hey, Wally! Do you want to borrow my purse?"

In The Good Dinosaur, Arlo says it when Spot bites him on the leg to make a bridge to cross on.

In Shrek, one of Robin Hood's Merry Men says this line just after Princess Fiona knocked out Robin Hood via a karate move, right before firing a crossbow arrow at her and her friends.

In Power Rangers Turbo, Elgar says this line after he fall off the Lightning Cruiser as it drives off along with Storm Blaster.


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