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Why Springfield, Why Not is a song from the Simpsons. It was featured in the episode Walking Big & Tall. It is the Springfield town anthem.


Bart: Springfield's the only home that we've got
Lisa: but to be frank, there's not a lot to recommend it.
We've got a big sink hole
Bart: and they shut down the think hole.
Bart/Lisa: Hashtag Springfield pride had never ever trended.
Lisa: But if you think of the things we lack.
Bart: Instead of the stuff we've got.
Bart/Lisa: Why Springfield?
Bart/Lisa/Nelson/Milhouse: Why no~ot?
We've only had a hurricane once.
Milhouse: We haven't had a circus fire in months.
Bart/Lisa/Nelson: Springfield. Why no~ot?
Nelson: Oo-oo-ooh! We're just off the interstate.
Ralph: Aa-aa-aah! The second right off exit eight.
Dolph: You may find our culture lacking.
Karney: We finally outlawed out snake whacking.
All: Sure, our cops are easily bought
and our dentists are all self taught
but, Hooray for Springfield.
Give two cheers.
Small pox free for seven years.
Why Springfield, why not?



  • Most of the anthem lines refers to other episodes in the series.
  • Bart and Lisa wrote the song.

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