Springfield Splendor
Whistler's Father
Treehouse of Horror XXVIII

Whistler's Father is the third episode of Season 29.


Homer discovers that Maggie is a whistling savant and launches her baby-celebrity career. Meanwhile, Marge impresses Fat Tony with her interior design taste, and he hires her to style his brothel.

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Marge is unable to sleep because she is stressed about her friends coming over, and she wakes Homer to babysit Maggie. Later, Homer is upstairs entertaining Maggie with "peek-a-boo" but Maggie eventually gets bored of it. Meanwhile, Marge is with the guests in the living room, but they do not like her taste in art/designs. Homer is once again upstairs looking after Maggie when he loses sight of her, he then hears a strange whistling from Maggie's room, thinking it was a bird or the radio, he unplugs the radio to find Maggie whistling a tune. Homer has a dream that Maggie's gift is for his benefits.

Down in the basement, Marge advises a plan to make the best pick-up room for the school, Marge is then crafting out trees, painting, etc to make the room look elegant. Helen walks into the school pick-up room to find that is has been decorated and looks stylish. Marge walks up to Julius to ask him how the room is looking so far, Julius responds with, "Can't belive it's the same room they found all those dead rats in."

At Moe's Tavern, Homer tried to trick his buddies, but Grampa unveils his trick, telling the story of his whistling ability being prevented by a performance gone awry, and asks Homer to make Maggie to become popular like he wished of becoming. Maggie is taken to the Springfield City Zoo and is thaught new whistles. Bart feels miserable because he is the only Simpson child with without a skill, while buzzards try to take Grampa, unsuccessfully. In the Meantime, Fat Tony has hired Marge to redecorate the Post Office, which in turn is a flophouse.

Marge convinces Fat Tony to close the flophouse down, while Maggie, in front of the public, can't whistle anymore, due to her first tooth. Later at home Maggie pulls a beautitful black and white painting Homer out from under her pillow.



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