Many Variations of Guns appearing in the simpsons.

Single Action Army

SpringField SWAT team officer uses the Single action Army revolver. when Krusty is arrested by police an SWAT officer pulls out Single Action Army revolver and points it to Krusty's head.

.357 Revolver

Homer Use the snub nose revolver during Season 9 Episode 5. SpringField Police officer uses the nickel plated revolver.

Colt M1911

An band of gang Member pointed the Colt m1911 pistol into bart's head afer Bart's skateboards' wheel is broken.

Mauser C96

In Season 18 Episode 6 Abe Flashback the berlin olympic that held in 1940's An assasin that tries to kill hitler in seat pulls out Mauser C96 pistol and died by spear that abe is thrown.

Browning Hi-Power

In Season 19 Episode 4, one of the bank robber pulls out Browning Hi power pistol and shoots in the air.

Desert Eagle

Sideshow Bob that dressed up as krusty the clown points the Desert eagle to Apu in the early season.

Glock 17

Homer laughs and pulls out glock pistol while meeting with Michael D' Amigo

M3 Grease Gun

While Homer Visits Gun shop an M3 grease gun was in the wall.


In La-z rider couch gag Some of the gang member and Ned flanders holding a UZI submachine gun.

Thompson Submachine gun

In Season 1 Episode 5. Bart dreams about shooting Thompson Submachine gun to monster Nelson Muntz but Nelson ate the gun. Also in Grandpa's war story Abe is holding a thompson looking gun.

Colt M4

Moe syzlek in the shooting range shooting M4 and barely rips the target paper.


While in Ned Flanders' dream, Flanders Climbs up Clock tower and Mocks up AKM to sniper rifle. and he shoots the gun to people at the park.

Colt M16

Springfield US Army uses the Colt M16. SpringField Police snipers are using colt M16 with scope on top of it.


Apu uses the M21 sniper rifle at the top of the kwik-E-mart building to make the visitor to get away. Also Assasin Homer uses the M21 to kill Kent Brockman.


In Season 19 episode 4, Another bank robber pulls out M1A Rifle in the present box and killed gill guntherson that came inside to bank.

Double barrel 12 gauge shotgun

Moe using this shotgun really frequently. Itchy uses this shotgun to protect the house.


While homer is in the gun store an SPAS-12 were in the back of the shopkeeper.

Mossberg 500

In the treehouse of horror XIV opening Marge kills Homer with Mossberg 500 because of beating children. While Homer is in the gun store Mossberg 500 was behind at the shopkeeper.

M134 Vulcan Minigun

While Homer and Marge fighting each other with gun, Homer slide down the stairs and shoot the minigun to marge Accidentally kills Abe simpson.


When Principal skiner in the main back in 1960's DDG-92 Machine gun were mounted on the US army ship.

M-202 rocket launcher

In La-Z rider couch gag Homer uses the M-202 Four shot multi Rocket launcher to distract the Gang Trading.