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Many weapons appear in the Simpsons.

.357 Revolver


Homer buying a handgun

In "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie", Jasper aims the handgun at Abe who was attempting to steal his dentures.

Homer Simpson buys one in the episode "The Cartridge Family". The weapon deeply worries Marge as she is afraid that Homer will shoot one of his own family, which Homer replies with, "TV said that?". Later when Homer says he will get rid of it, he actually hides in the vegetable crisper, as a means to hide it from Bart. And Marge leaves him as a result. After she leaves, Homer says "This gun has cost me everything, everything exept my precious gun." After a failed NRA meeting, Homer falsely claims that he has gotten rid of the gun again when he comes to apologise to Marge and take her back home. However, when Snake robs the motel, he reveals he still has the gun. after Snake leaves, Homer asks Marge to get rid of it as he would only lie again. However the last scene shows that she keeps the gun.

Homer uses it to shoot a cigarette in the episode "Smoke on the Daughter".

Bolt Action Rifle

In "Treehouse of Horror XIII" segment "Send in the Clones" Homer used a rifle to shoot the three clones that admitted to knowing the way home

Sawed-off shotgun

Moe with gun

Moe with his shotgun

Moe Szyslak is variously seen aiming a sawed-off shotgun at regulars to his bar.

In "22 Short Films About Springfield", Herman points the barrels of a sawed-off shotgun at a gagged and bound Chief Wiggum and Snake Jailbird.

In "Bart's Inner Child", Krusty the Clown aims a sawed-off shotgun at Homer to prevent him from bringing back the trampoline.

In "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)", Homer uses one to defend him and the kids from the "bogyman".

In "Treehouse of Horror III" Homer uses a shotgun to dispatch the Zombie Ned Flanders - "He was a zombie?" The shotgun used was based of the model 1887.

Thompson Submachine Gun

Grampa in his war days has something that looks like a thompson in the Flying Hellfish unit in "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"".

5-in-1 Gun

Moe Szyslak says with a few 'minor' adjustments, you can turn one gun into 5 guns during the episode "The Cartridge Family".

SMG (Sub Machine Gun)

Apu welds one in "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" in an alternate ending to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?".


200px-Sideshow Bob

Bob is holding a knife

Marge uses one to chop up food, Sideshow Mel wields one in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)".

Sideshow Bob wields one and often tries to kill Bart with it.

In "Treehouse of Horror" segment "Bad Dream House", Lisa and Maggie arm with knives to kill the rest of the Simpson family members after the house brainwashes them.

In "New Kid on the Block", when Moe thinks it is Jimbo who makes prank phone calls to him, he threatens Jimbo with a kitchen knife, causing him to burst into tears.

Killer Krusty Doll uses a knife in its attempt to kill Homer in "Treehouse of Horror III" segment "Clown Without Pity".


Barney Gumble wields one in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)".

Silenced 9mm

Principal Skinner wields one in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)".

Whacking Stick

Homer wields one in the "Whacking Day".



This is Bart's essential weapon, which he always carries in his back pocket, parodying Dennis the Menace. His ammunition ranges from cats to small rocks.


Used in most "Itchy & Scratchy" episodes.

Nuclear Bomb

France blows up Springfield with a nuke in "Treehouse of Horror VIII".

In "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming", Sideshow Bob tries to destroy Springfield with a nuclear bomb, but it is dud.

RG-6 Grenade Launcher

Bart used this during a firing range exercise under the suggestion of the instructor in "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson"

Colt M16

SEC agents wields several in "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner".

Lisa tries to use it in the episode The Secret War of Lisa Simpson, but it was stuck in auto-fire and she coudn't stop shooting it.


Bart and Sideshow Bob

Bob is going to kill Bart

Sideshow Bob tries to kill Bart with a machete in "Cape Feare".

Flame Thrower

Nelson Muntz uses it to destroy Springfield Elementary in Bart's dream in "Kamp Krusty".


In "Treehouse of Horror" segment "Bad Dream House", Homer arms with an axe to kill the rest of the Simpson family members after the house brainwashes him.

After Homer gets crazy without beer and TV in Treehouse of Horror V segment "The Shinning", he tries to kill his family with an axe. Groundskeeper Willie is also killed three times by an axe during the episode.


Hand Minigun appears in "Treehouse of Horror XVIII" segment "Mr. & Mrs. Simpson", operated by Homer.

Pulse Rifle

Snake Jailbird and his team uses gun, pretty similar to M41A Pulse Rifle in episode "The Lastest Gun in the West" while they are robbing National Bank of Springfield.


Maude with watergun-0

Maude with watergun

In "Dangerous Curves" episode during one of memory fragments, when Maude and Ned Flanders spying on Homer and Marge, Maude is holding watergun and she says she is ready to use it.

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