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The Waverly Hills Boy is an unnamed student who made his first appearance in Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh.


In his first appearance, he was among the students seen at Waverly Hills Elementary School. He played more of a significant role in Mathlete's Feat.

In the episode, he is the team captain for the mathlete team, Waverly Hills Elementary No Equals. Just like his teammates, he is rich and spoiled.

He made a negative remark directed at Skinner in the episode, furthermore establishing his snobby ways, along with the fact his team likes to show off.

His team easily defeated the Springfield Elementary Action Fractions in the mathletes competition, but ultimately lost to them in a rematch.


He wears a light pink collared shirt, long gray pants, and black shoes. He has shoulder length blonde hair.


  • In one scene from Mathlete's Feat, he was given eyelashes.