Father Knows Worst
Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-(Annoying Grunt)
Four Great Women and a Manicure
Caitlin: I'm Caitlin with a "C" This is Katelyn, with a "K" and Kate Lynn, 2 words.
Lisa: I'm Lisa, one word.

Ralph: In what year was two plus two?
(No one says anything.)
Ralph: The answer is, the amazing Ralph!
[Ralph then dives out of the classroom window.]

(While Homer and Marge are in Bart's treehouse)
Bart: Why did you use my treehouse?
Homer: C'mon, boy, be cool!
Bart: (sighs)
Homer: Be cool or you're grounded!

Marge: Please, just stay there until Bart graduates from high school.
Homer: Ohhh, that's another 20 or 30 years!

Marge: Wow, your first day at the new school! Lisa, have fun. Bart, don't.

Marge: Surprise! I've redecorated!
Homer: Where are my video games? My Xbox? My Wii?
Marge: You don't need a Wii now that I'm here, because you and me make us!

Superintendent Chalmers': Skinnerrrrrr!!! (calmly) Bettleheim.
Boy 1: I wonder what he did.
Girl: I heard he burned down his old school
Boy 2: I heard he killed a groundskeeper.
Groundskeeper: Oh my, that's a bit rough.
Caitlin: Hi Lisa.
Lisa: Hi Caitlin.
Katelyn: She knows my name.
Kate Lynn: No she knows MY name.
Homer: Cup my lady, or would you care to funnel it down my throat?
Marge: Definitely a cup.
Homer: Foam wasn't spilt in a day.
Teacher: Lisa I regraded your paper from the other day and you got an A.
Lisa: Really?
Teacher: My kid's a huge Alaska Nebraska fan, if she can somehow get an autograph, photo or T-shirt, that would be A plus in my book. (winks at Lisa)
Lisa: Did you just wink at me?
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