The Musk Who Fell to Earth
Walking Big & Tall
My Fare Lady


Cultural References

  • The title of the episode is a possible reference to the 1973 American action Buford Pusser semi-biopic film Walking Tall.
  • One of the posters at Big is Beautiful is a chopped up snake with the words "Put bread on me" written on it. This references the "Don't Tread on Me" image during the Revolutionary War that featured a snake cut up into 13 pieces.
  • The episode's plot could be based on fat acceptance groups who encourage pride in being overweight. Homer's quote about not buying into the lies taught by "big nutrition" is a reference to claims by groups like that that the diet industry forces others to conform to their standards of beauty. Albert saying that they don't use the word fat is a reference that groups like that choose not be called fat but other synonyms instead.
  • The list of names Homer doesn't wish to be called anymore are:
    • chubby
    • chunky
    • blobbo
    • slobbo
    • Fat Bastard
    • Michelin Man
    • Stay Puft
    • Chumbawumba
    • It is Balloon!
    • Papa Grande
    • Augustus Gloop
    • beached whale
    • big boned
    • Wisconsin Skinny
    • butterball
    • dump truck
    • jelly belly
    • pudgy wudgy
    • lard ass
    • blubberino
    • Buddha belly
    • Hurry eat Tubman
    • one ton soup
    • Blob Saget
    • Chub hub
    • Calvin Cool whip
    • Manfred Mannboobs
    • 21 Lump Street
    • Walking 'Before' Picture
    • fatso
    • Harvey Milk Chocolate
    • Obese Want Cannoli
    • Mahatma Gumbo
    • Salvador Deli
    • Elmer Pantry
    • KFC and the Sponge Cake Band
    • Snackie Oneassis
    • The Foody Blues
    • Hoagie Carmichael
    • wide load
  • Several references in the names are to Austin Powers, Michelin Man, Ghostbusters, Chumba Wumba, Papa Grande, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Buddha, Harriet Tubman, Bob Saget, Calvin Coolidge, Manfred Mann, 21 Jump Street, Harvey Milk, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mahatma Ghandi, Salvador Dali, KFC, KC and the Sunshine Band, Jackie Onassis, and the Moody Blues.


  • Patty and Selma appear to be close in age to Marge. In other episodes, they are around five years older than her.
  • Strangely, Homer was the only character to get stuck in the theater's seat while some fatter characters, like Chief Wiggum, didn't.
    • Also, if Homer was too wide to fit through the doors (as he was unable to escape) then how could he, or the fatter characters get into the theatre?
  • Marge's online scrapbook's URL and browser layout change between shots; initially, the URL displayed is "" with a small font that leaves a large space on its right, changing to "" in the same small font when she deletes it, and finally, when she attempts to restore it, back to "" but in a sufficiently large font that further letters might be cut off by the end of the URL bar.
  • Manjula appears amongst the crowd when Bart and Lisa were toddlers, despite not arriving in Springfield until after the birth of Maggie.

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