Wacky Races Couch Gag
The Wacky Races Couch Gag is the third couch gag of season 24. It was used in the episode Gone Abie Gone. It is a parody on the Wacky Races.


The Simpsons get on the couch and then start wearing Wacky Races attire and go out onto the road. They are then followed by other characters on couches who race too. Then, they all crash into each other and Grandpa joins in and wins the race.



  • Names of the couch cars of all the races.
    • The Simpsons = The Sofa Speedsters
    • The Wiggums = The Piggly Wiggums
    • Bumblebee Man = The Bumble Buggy
    • Mr. Burns and Smithers = The Greed Hornet
    • Dr. Hibbert = Dr. Vroom
    • Groundskeeper Willie = Last Cow A Go-Go
    • The Spucklers = Hick Dastardly
    • ProfessorFrink = The Frink-en Continental
    • Grandpa Simpson = Unnamed