Are two alleged college students who rent a room in the house of Ned, but they posted sexy videos online at whose email address is site, what made Ned moved to Springfield because the whole neighborhood watching these videos, some even with the presence of Ned.

The two girls have a sideline of their own; a webcam of their bedroom ( - and, at the time the episode first aired, the link worked, pointing to a site with drawings of the two girls), which soon becomes a town hit. When Marge finds out, she drags Homer (literally, by the ear) to Ned, who discovers the truth and realizes that he can't trust anybody in Springfield any more. There is one place he can go; Humbleton, Pennsylvania, the home of the Humble Figurines that he collects.

Appeared only in Home Away from Homer.Vicky is voiced by Pamela Hayden and Tress MacNeille voiced Katja.