The Veterans Of Unpopular Wars Hall is a building in Springfield where war veterans go to discuss their experiences. It also featured a tavern called the VOUM.


A Haiti veteran talked about how he lost his eye from an accident involving a siamese parasol in a drink and Abraham Simpson talked about how he beat up John F. Kennedy after he mistook him for a Nazi.

The tavern one night featured a showing of The Late Late Late Show With Jimmy Jimmy with Kent Brockman. One of the patrons of the bar, a veteran of the 98th Airborne stationed at Basra during the Iraq War, when watching Brockman's "war story", not only did not recognize him from the platoon, but when he heard Brockman claim he landed a damaged Chinook on a sinking container ship, he angrily declared that said event never happened before presumably notifying Channel 6 News of the falsehood.

Behind the laughter

  • The Veterans of Unpopular Wars Hall is most likely a parody of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.