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Vehicles in Hit and Run

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This a list of vehicles in the game, most are available to drive.

Main Vehicles Edit

Secret Vehicles Edit

  • ATV (Level 4 Secret Car) (found in Trailer Park)
  • Knightboat (Level 3 Secret Car) (found on C-Spanker)
  • Monorail (Level 2 Secret Car) (found on Downtown Monorail)
  • Obliteratatron Big Wheel Truck (Level 5 Secret Car) (found at Springfield Stadium)
  • Planet Hype 50's Car (Level 6 Secret Car) (found crashed into the wall of Planet Hype)
  • R.C Buggy (Level 7 Secret Car) (found on top of the Scary Burger, Krusty Burg
  • Rocket Car  (Level 1 Secret Car) (found outside the Golden house)

Traffic Vehicles Edit

Casuel Edit

Level by Level Edit

Halloween Edit

Other Vehicles Edit

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