VeggieTales is a Christian kid show about talking vegetables and fruit spreading the word of God. It has plenty of songs and pop culture jokes to entertain parents as well as kids.

References to VeggieTales on The Simpsons

In HOMR, a viewing booth for the show is seen at an animation festival.

In The Fat and the Furriest, there is a parody of VeggieTales that shows Moses as a cucumber and Pharaoh as a potato.

In Pranksta Rap, the show gets parodied as The Salad of the Christ.

In the Greatest Story Ever D'ohed, Homer is visited by parody versions of Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and Laura Carrot. The cucumber tells him that he is the new Messiah.

In The Boys That Save Christmas, Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd, Archibald Asparagus on (Silly Songs Simpsons Style)