This problem with the French vandal has gotten out of hand. I have now thought of some rules to try to limit his vandalism and spamming.

  1. Do not place articles he made up for deletion. I or another admin will delete these when we find them. This will just make him spam your talk page or user page.
  2. Do not try to warn him. This will result in the same consequences.
  3. Admins, just block him. Do not reason with him. This has been tried. Just block infinitely.

If he doesn't give up in two weeks, it is time for something drastic. We may have to protect the wiki from IP edits for at least a short while. A period of two weeks at minimum I think. I can talk to the Wikia staff about this but it is only a last choice and should only be put in place if we have no alternative.

Thanks for reading.