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Clearly, 23 seasons was not enough to hold down a true fan of the Simpsons, and anyone who wasn't glued to their brown couch on Sunday night for Moonshine River, the premiere of Season 24, is no friend of mine!

What did you think of the premiere episode?

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Now to be honest, I wasn't as excited for the premiere episode as I am for next week's 23rd installment of the Treehouse of Horror Series, but it felt pretty darn good to get back into the Sunday Simpsons routine that we have all come to cherish in our lives over the years.

To recap what happened in the premiere:

  • After being teased by Lisa, Bart visits all of his ex-girlfriends (including Gina Vendetti in prison) to prove that they still like him. He is rejected by each one.
  • Bart looks for Mary Spuckler, the daughter of Cletus, but learns that she moved to NYC. She is the one that got away. Luckily, Homer swaps Ned Flanders' house with the home of a family in NYC so that the Simpsons can afford to travel there.
  • In NYC, Homer gets on the jumbotron in Times Square after an air conditioner falls on his head and he tries to strangle a pole.
  • Bart spends time with Mary and becomes more romantically mature, and the two share a kiss. Unfortunately, Cletus comes to bring her back to Springfield, so Mary flees again. At least Bart has proof girls like him.
  • Lisa and Marge try to experience high culture in NYC for low prices. Their efforts are futile until Lisa essentially hijacks a theater and puts together her own performance of Romeo & Juliet, to rave reviews.

And the most exciting part...

  • The Simpsons return to their couch in Springfield and break the "fourth wall". Lisa asks the viewers if they have any ideas for a Couch gag, with Bart saying that the best idea will be animated and used in the show. Details on submitting can be found on the official Simpsons website.
Are you going to submit a couch gag idea?

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