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I feel that the episodes need something done to them. Too many episodes are lacking in information and no two of them look the same - the episodes are supposed to be uniform. Instead of including huge paragraphs of information about broadcast date, writer, director, episode number, etc we should do what other wikis (Memory Alpha, Lostpedia) do, they just say: "(episode name) is the (episode number) of (season number)" or just give a one or two sentence outline. Instead, we are including information which is already visable in the episode infobox and does not really need to be mentioned again in the article, maybe just in a behind the laughter section or something if needed. This seems to be working on other wikis - it keeps the episodes uniform and makes it easier to make a simple outline for each episode (instead of spending ages writing out what is already visable in the infobox!).

I think we should just have a one sentence plot outline at the beginning, then a detailed plit overview, followed by the behind the laughter, production etc.

What does everybody think?

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