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Caesar Keith
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Name Caesar Keith
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Quote When you talk trash about people, be prepared to deal with the consequences that will follow.
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About me

Hi there, Caesar here. I keep the wiki safe from vandals and spammers. I'm always lurking in the shadows and you'll never know when I will strike.

I also like to debate about subjects pertaining to the show as well as get personal opinions from other users, I do hope to debate soon about the series.

My favorite episode of the Simpsons is Marge on the Lam, due to the parody of the movie Thelma and Louise. Also because of the role that Ruth Powers played in that episode.

It's too bad Ruth's role in the show wasn't substantial. I also pretty much like other episodes that involve the children of Springfield in general.

So this includes Das Bus, Moms I'd Like to Forget, Bart the General, and Kamp Krusty to name a few. As for favorite characters, Bart and Lisa come to mind.

They are probably the best "enemies" in the show, but despite being at each other's throats for almost 25 years, they still care about each other. I also like the minor/background characters in the show, since they are unique.

It's the reason why many often see me working on the pages for both Audrey McConnell and Mike's students a lot. Maggie is probably the most unique of the main characters, as she always has something up her sleeves if you know what I mean.

I also like Marge as well, because she tries hard to change the town and the world. She has good intentions, but there are times that isn't always the case. Despite that she is a good parent.

Homer is another character I like, because he makes mistakes all the time, yet he learns from some of them. Not all the time, but some of them. He lacks setting proper examples for his children as well as others in town, yet he still is great.

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