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The new episodes of The Itchy & Scratchy Show based on The Pizza Head Show commercials.

The Battle of Slaughter-Loo:Edit

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy lead two armies against each other. As they run towards each other on the battlefield, they pull out bigger and better weapons. As they collide, the next scene in a World War II-era cartoon. Itchy and Scratchy pummel Adolf Hitler to a fine mess before turning on each other. President Franklin Roosevelt appears and kicks the remains of Hitler and Scratchy, while Itchy holds up a sign saying "save scrap iron". The episode cuts to the mice celebrating victory.

Pool of DoomEdit

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are playing pool. Itchy does a jump shot with the cue ball and hits Scratchy in the face, knocking out his eyes. Scratchy feels around the table for his eyes and finds the "6" and "9" pool balls, which he places into his eye sockets.

In Theaters Meow:Edit

Synopsis: Scratchy buys a ticket to see the musical Cats. Usher Itchy seats Scratchy in the front row. After only a few seconds, Scratchy becomes bored and shoots himself, blowing his head off. The audience member next to him, a matronly dog, is covered in blood and shushes Scratchy's headless corpse.

Makeup of Horror:Edit

Synopsis: Itchy knocks Scratchy's eyes out with a mallet, and Scratchy kneels and starts feeling around the floor for his eyes. Itchy produces two small bombs (with fuses lit) and puts them in front of Scratchy for him to find. Scratchy touches the bombs, thinks they are his eyes, and puts them in his eye sockets. Shortly after that, Scratchy is in front of a mirror combing his hair when he notices the bombs. Scratchy screams and the bombs explode.

Itchy visits Scratchy's grave and blows it up with a bomb. Scratchy's skeleton flying into the air, screaming as he caught on fire.

Who Shot Scratchy?:Edit

Synopsis: In Black-and-white footage, Scratchy is led though a crowd à la Lee Harvey Oswald. Itchy leaps out and shoots Scratchy. We hear someone say "He’s got a gun!".
Note:Guest Director Oliver Stone

Hide and KillEdit

Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy engage in a duel with each pulling out a larger gun than the other. They expand so much that the guns become bigger than the building they are in, then bigger than North America, then finally bigger than the Earth where Itchy pulls the trigger and shoots Scratchy all the way into the Sun.

Burn And Die:Edit

Synopsis: Itchy is aiming a bow and arrow at Scratchy, who has an apple on his head. Itchy shoots the arrow and it hits the apple. As Scratchy feels relieved, the arrow is revealed to have pierced a tank of Carbonic Acid which falls on Scratchy, who is burned to the bones. He is then seen running and screaming in pain.

My Fair Lady Made Out of Dynamite:Edit

Synopsis: Scratchy is walking down the street and notices a lady cat made out of dynamite. He kisses her, and the lady cat explodes, blowing Scratchy into pieces. Itchy walks out of a shop and starts juggling Scratchy's body parts in front of an audience of animals.
Note: Because of large cutbacks at the network, the normal narrator quits, and Krusty dubs his voice over the cartoon, sounding very uninterested (Mainly due to annoyance at the fact that he has to be affected by the $10,000,000 fine due to Kent Brockman's swearing on the air). He reckons that Itchy killed Scratchy because Scratchy was messing with [Itchy's] wife. The audience upon watching it were left gasping in shock and horror, with barely any applause.

Final Episode of The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie ShowEdit

Synopsis: Scratchy is part of an ice sculpture. Itchy starts sawing him with a chainsaw, when Poochie (with Homer's voice) shows to say something important. His mouth doesn't move while we can hear Roger Meyers, Jr. voice saying "My Planet needs me". Poochie runs to the rocket, which lifts off.

At the end of the episode, Note: "Poochie died on his way home"


Synopsis: Itchy is a mad scientist working in his lab. Lying on the operating table is a large green-skinned corpse, his monster Scratchy. Itchy throws a switch, sending a charge of electricity into Scratchy. Itchy triumphantly cries "It's alive!" as Scratchy slowly sits up. Itchy fires a shotgun at Scratchy, blowing the top of his head open, and Scratchy collapses back onto the table, dead again. Itchy then puts another brain into Scratchy's head, sews his head back up, and throws the switch again. Once again Itchy cries "It's alive!" as Scratchy sits up, and again Itchy fires his shotgun at Scratchy. This time, however, Scratchy's head is blown clean off and goes flying out a window.

Scratchy's head comes to rest in a sunlit field by a lake, near a little mouse girl picking daisies. Scratchy looks up at the girl and shyly says, "Friend?" The mouse girl smiles and holds out two daisies to Scratchy, but then quickly jams them into his eyes. Scratchy screams as blood pours from his eyes, and letters spelling "THE END" are seen on the petals of the daisies.

The Itchy & Scratchy MovieEdit

Trailer Edit

Is the promotional trailer for "The Itchy and Scratchy Movie" (Movie plot, see below) Itchy shaves Scratchy fur off, scribbles his face with a marker and blows his brain out. Also shown some "scenes" from the movie: Itchy has Scratchy tied to a log on a conveyor belt, moving toward a circular saw; and Itchy dress up some dynamite as a "female cat", who Scratchy falls in love with. at the bar. Then Scratchy blows up and dies.

Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie Edit

There's a knock at Scratchy's door. Scratchy answers the door to find Itchy standing on his front porch. Itchy hits Scratchy with a mallet and ties him to a train track. Itchy tries to get into a train to run over Scratchy, but must get a degree to ride first. The result? Itchy goes off to train-driving school, studies madly, passes, receives a degree, attends the achievement celebration, applies for a job at the Union Pacific (the most mentioned railroad in the series) and at last hops into the train just to run over Scratchy. Scratchy quickly tries to untie himself, though does not manage in time and is run over. All that remains is Scratchy's severed arms still trying to untangle the rope.

Itchy & Scratchy 2 Edit

As astronauts, Itchy and Scratchy have landed on the moon. There, Itchy impales Scratchy several times with the flag they were going to plant on the surface and cracks his air helmet open, causing Scratchy to apparently die of asphyxiation. Back on Earth, Itchy is praised as a hero for being the first mouse on the moon and inexplicably becomes President, with Hillary Clinton as Vice President. It has been made apparent that Scratchy died on his own and Itchy tried to save him. However, Itchy discovers that Scratchy is still alive and going to tell everyone the truth. After desperately thinking (in scenes that resemble John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis), Itchy decides to launch an "accidental" missile launch towards the moon. As Scratchy screams, all the missiles enter his mouth, save for one which reveals a small boot-like contraption inside it and kicks him, causing him to explode.

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