Up Late With McBain is a program on Cape Feare. The show is presented by Rainier Wolfcastle (presumably while in-character as McBain). Given Lisa's comment, it seems to air on the FOX channel.

Allegedly, the show was so horribly written that even Bart Simpson, a devoted McBain fan, was repulsed by it. Also, the announcer was named Obergruppenfuehrer Wolfcastle and was allegedly a high ranking SS officer, due to the uniform. It's unknown whether the announcer is related to Wolfcastle.

Scoey is the leader for the music band in this program.

One episode suffered from controversy when Wolfcastle, while commenting on Scoey's musician outfit, noted that it made him look homosexual, which caused an outcry from the audience, with Wolfcastle then accusing the audience of being homosexual as well, to even more outrage from the audience.

Behind the Laughter

Although the title suggests that it is a late night talk show, Marge Simpson came in with the mail while Bart and Lisa were watching the show, indicating that the show airs during the afternoon.