The Unnamed Spuckler Baby is one of Cletus' children.


After discovering that she had reached menopause and couldn't have children of her own, and after Patty suggested adoption, Selma went to the Springfield Orphanage to look for a baby to adopt as her child. A baby boy was given to her, but then Cletus Spuckler, the baby's biological father, came by to reclaim him. Cletus explained that he returned to take back his son after realizing that he misheard his wife, Brandine Spuckler, who really said, "I'm tired of having rabies," (not "babies"). As a result, the baby boy was returned to the Spuckler family.

After that, Patty and Selma's niece, Lisa Simpson, suggested that Selma adopt a baby girl from China, which ultimately leads to Selma adopting Ling Bouvier as her new daughter.


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