The title of this article is a conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

The Ballet Dancer is a character that appears in the episode "Smoke On The Daughter as a ballet dancer at "Chazz Busby Ballet Academy". She is first seen dancing to Swan Lake, Op.20: Act I- No.5 Pas de deux: I Tempo di valse ma non troppo vivo, quasi moderato by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, during a break she tells "Lisa Simpson" that ballerinas like herself are under constant pressure to stay focused, skinny, graceful and skinny, she then explains to Lisa that what ballerinas like doing such as meditation and yoga, but for every ballerina they enjoy smoking.

The Ballerina Dancer is then seen opening her packet of cigarettes using her foot to open the top of the packet and using her toe to pick the cigarette where she puts into her mouth and uses her other foot with a cigarette lighter to light up her cigarette, the Ballerina appears outside smoking another cigarette at a table, she then answers Lisa's question on why she has improved since this morning, which she tells her that it might be all the focus and pep she has been inhaling, the Ballerina says people don't call cigarettes "dancer sticks" for nothing, but since Lisa thought they were called "cancer sticks", the ballerina picks two cigarettes from her packet and puts them in her ears.

The Ballerina appears dancing alongside Lisa and two unnamed ballerinas on another day at "Chazz Busby Ballet Academy", when Lisa asks her when the next break will be the ballerina says the break will be when the big cigarette hits the 9 on the clock, on a windy day, the Ballerina can be seen smoking outside with the other ballerinas at the academy.

On an upcoming recital, the ballerina tries to persuade Lisa to join smoking on a break, but she declines as she promised them she wouldn't do it, the ballerina says if Lisa doesn't inhale the smoke, it might grow into a baby one day when she is older, then she goes over and joins the other ballerinas as she inhales the smoke from the cigarettes, which impresses them.

During a break on Sleeping Beauty, the ballerina goes into her purse to try and find her cigarettes but she is hysterical, as she cannot find them, when another ballerina lights her finger on fire as she cannot find her cigarettes the other ballerina is in shock, after the break the ballerina appears frustrated, as she has not had the chance to have a cigarette because a raccoon stole her cigarettes which was set up by Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson. She then stops dancing as she notices that her appetite has come back and she runs off the stage to grab the bone from "Sideshow Mel" where she chews on it.


The Ballerina wears a pale lilac vest, a purple tutu, pale lilac tights, purple ballet shoes and a pink purse which she keeps her cigarettes in. She has her hair tied into a ponytail with a purple hair bobble. While her occupation isn't revealed as well as her name, it is most likely that the Ballerina is either a middle or a high school student.