The Unincorporated part of Springfield is the district that connects Evergreen Terrace with Springshire and made its one and only appearance in the season 17 episode “Marge's Son Poisoning”.


Marge buys the last tandem bike at Springfield squidport for her and Bart to go on bike rides with it. They go through Springfield village, evergreen terrace (and start singing a 60's song) and go through a forest. Reverend Lovejoy is at a funeral, stops his prayers and says hi. Cletus is wrestling an alligator to get his son out. As they go deeper into the forest, birds call and there are jungle sounds everywhere. Marge gets worried and calls 911 on her cellphone. They then go into springshire. They stop in the forest to talk on the way back after they find out that there where rat droppings in the cakes