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Tyrone Simpson

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Tyrone Simpson
Uncle Tyrone
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Hair Yellow
Occupation Unknown but retired
Relatives Brothers: Abe, Hubert, Chet, Cyrus, Bill

Sister: Hortense Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell Frank Simpson
Nieces: Abbie, Valerie
Great Nephews: Bart Simpson and Stanley Simpson
Great Nieces: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson
Grandparents: "Old Tut" Simpson and "Happy" Dinsdale
Aunts: Twitta Simpson, Elrita Simpson and Bonita Simpson
Great Uncles: Lou, Hugo and Gaston Simpson
Great Aunt: Dulcine Simpson Cousins: Echardt Simpson, Bob Simpson and Twyla Simpson
2nd Cousins: Verna Simpson, Vern Simpson, Echardt Simpson II and Lotus Simpson
Wife: Unnaned
Son: Unnamed
Daughter: Unnamed
Grandson: Unnamed
Granddaughter: Unnamed

First Appearance "Catch 'Em if You Can"
Voiced By Hank Azaria

Tyrone Simpson is a cynical elderly Simpson relative who lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Relatives Edit

Judging from his age and appearance, he is most likely Abe's big brother making him a great-uncle to the Simpson family.

Info Edit

The family intends to visit him during his birthday[1] but he hasn't been seen since. It is possible that he was killed in the tornado.

Personality Edit

When the Simpsons were singing "Happy Birthday" to him, he said "Why won't I die?" Judging from that, we can most likely presume he is bitter and depressed.

Possible Death Edit

Tyrone possibly died when Dayton was torn down by a massive tornado.

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