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Tyrone Simpson

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Tyrone Simpson
Tyrone Simpson
Sex Male
Status Unknown
Hair Three small spikes, formally brown hair
Occupation Unknown but retired
Relatives Brothers: Abe
Possible sister: Hortense Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson

Frank Simpson
Nieces: Abbie
Great Nephews: Bart Simpson
Frank Simpson
Stanley Simpson
Great Nieces: Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson
Jessica Simpson Grandparents: "Old Tut" Simpson and "Happy" Dinsdale
Aunts: Twitta Simpson, Elrita Simpson and Bonita Simpson
Great Uncles: Lou, Hugo and Gaston Simpson
Great Aunt: Dulcine Simpson Cousins: Echardt Simpson, Bob Simpson and Twyla Simpson
2nd Cousins: Verna Simpson, Vern Simpson, Echardt Simpson II and Lotus Simpson

First Appearance "Catch 'Em if You Can"
Voiced By Hank Azaria

Tyrone Willard Simpson is a cynical elderly Simpson relative who lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Relatives Edit

Judging from his age and appearance, he is most likely Abe's big brother making him a great-uncle to the Simpson family.

Info Edit

The family intends to visit him during his birthday[1] but he hasn't been seen since, it's possible that he was killed in the tornado.

Personality Edit

When the Simpsons were singing "Happy Birthday" to him, he said "Why won't I die?", judging from that, we can most likely presume he is bitter and depressed.

Death Edit

Tyrone possibly died when Dayton was torn down by a massive tornado.

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