Tyler Boom is a character who is the son of Scotty Boom.


Tyler has had very little interaction with his father, which has created a rift between the two. After learning his father was going to Springfield, he hired Nelson to help frame his father by stealing the grill.

Bart and Lisa had seen him at Scrap City after hearing his ringtone go off. They saw him again after hearing his ringtone once again and they chased him.

Homer tripped Tyler, who landed into the world's largest sweet potato pie. After explaining to Bart and Lisa why he frame his father, Tyler and his father proceeded to reconcile.


Tyler wears long blue pants with pockets, a green shirt with a pink and blue stripe, and red and white sneakers. He has dark brown hair and wears a red baseball cap turned backwards.


  • Just like Bart, Tyler wears a red baseball cap.


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