Tyler is a student, who attends Springfield Elementary School.


She made a cameo in Marge Be Not Proud. She and her brother were playing a video game in a commercial. She appeared in Audrey McConnell's class in Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade.

In the same episode, she and her classmates greeted Bart and Lisa when they first came to the class. She would be seen in the same class again in The Good, the Sad and the Drugly.

In the episode, her classmates were seated before their chairs and desks collapsed into pieces after Bart and Milhouse unscrewed everything in the school.

Other than the time she and her classmates greeted Bart and Lisa, she has never been heard speaking. She was later seen at Bart's trial in the school gym.


Tyler's usually is seen wearing a pink shirt with long sleeves, a green jumper, and green shoes. She has light-brown hair and wears a purple bow on her hair. Sometimes her jumper and shoes are purple colored.