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If you kids, can't keep your hands to yourself, I'M GONNA TURN THIS CAR AROUND, and there'll be no Cape Canaveral FOR ANYBODY!
―Tyler's father, yelling at his children.
―Tyler's father, thinking it was his children hitting him after Nelson hit him.

Tyler's father is the father of Tyler and Tyler's sister.


During a road trip to Cape Canaveral, he became annoyed by his three children touching and playing with each other. He warned them that if they didn't keep their hands to their selves, he would turn the car around and head back to Winnipeg.

Nelson saw the opportunity to cause trouble and slapped him on the back of the head. This caused Tyler's father to subsequently turn the car around and head back to Winnipeg.

He seemed to be very stressed out and yelled at his children when irritated. It's likely this may have lead to him getting divorced sometime after this incident.

He likely lost custody of all three kids, since they were seen in Springfield in later episodes. He's likely never made an appearance in Springfield and has not reappeared.


He wears a gray shirt and has black hair, with a few strands of hair sticking out in the middle of his head. He's also balding.


  • Just like many in Springfield, he likely has a strained relationship with his children.
  • It's possible he may have been at the Divorced Dad's Visitation Jamboree, since one of his kids, Tyler, was there. However, this can't be verified.


Simp Episode – "Bart on the Road" (Seen driving)