Trumptastic Voyage

Homer is outside eating ice cream when a man in a suit approaches him. He asks Homer if he can hold a sign, if he wants $50 and if he cares who the next president is. Homer answers no and goes with the man. He is pushed on the escalator behind Donald Trump and is mesmerized by Trump's hair. He wonders if he touches it it might heal his baldness. He is grabbed by Trump's hair and pulled down to the scalp. Along the way he sees amazing things, like Amelia Earhart, Anger from Inside Out, and Bigfoot. Trump's hair grabs him again and throws him out. Homer is behind Trump as he announces he is running for president. When he tries to approach Trump, secret service men put him in a van and drop him off in the same spot he was at the beginning. He takes out a strand of hair he took from Trump. It floats away towards it's owner in the Trump tower.

THE SIMPSONS Trumptastic Voyage ANIMATION on FOX01:34