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Trilogy of Error
I'm Goin' to Praiseland
Ned Flanders: Son of a diddly!

Homer: Sorry doesn't put thumbs on the hand, Marge!

Marge: Bart!
Bart: (screams as he almost gets run over)

Ned Flanders: ...and Harry Potter, and all his wizard friends, went straight to Hell for practicing witchcraft.

Milhouse: This is where I come to cry.

Cletus: (upon seeing his truck hijacked) Hey! Somebody done stoled my wheels!

Dr. Nick: Inflammable means flammable? What a country!

Homer: (while drunk) Did you ever see that Blue Man Group? Total ripoff of the Smurfs. And the Smurfs... they suck!

Milhouse: I can't go to juvie! They use guys like me as currency!
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, they'll pass you around like... like currency, like you said.

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