Halloween of Horror
Treehouse of Horror XXVI
Friend with Benefit

Created by
Bat Groening

Developed by
James "You Have No Idea How Much You Frighten Me" Brooks
Bat Groening
Sam Simon

Executive Producers
The Necromattselmanicon
Stink-Eyed Frink Guy

Co-Executive Producers
Kevin Curran
Junk Status Bonds
Polter Price
Overdue Bill!!!
Marc Wilmore
Joel Cohen's Credit
Rob Lazy-Nikname
Jeffistopheles Belzebrook
Bram Shelley's Dracustein

Supervising Producer

Consulting Producers
Liasons Dangreanerous
Tim Long-Un
Nightmarolyn D'ohmine
Dave Of The Dead Silverman

Tom Damn All
Max On The Cross
Magic Mike Scully XXS
David MirkinVision

Supervising Director
Mad Bee Anderzzzzzon

Produced By
Re-Animator Raynis
Nosfera 2, Bonita 26
Makes Grown Men Cry Sirkot
Richard Psycho Sakai

Written by
Joel Cohen's Credit 2: The Squeakquel

Directed By
Uneven Shteven Moore

Executive Producer

Executive Producers
James "You Have No Idea How Much You Frighten Me" Brooks
Bat Groening
Sam Simon

Dan 9 From Outer Space-Eta
Gooey Kavner
Nightmare-Nancy Scar-Fright
Yeard-Sale Smith
Blood Bank Azaria
Corey Engineerer

Special Guest Voices
Kilmer Ghoulsman
Chris "Scrat" Wedge

Also Starring
Hannibal Hayden
Terror MacNihil
Burnt To A Crisp Deadgerly
Maggie "LAlien" Roswell

Couch Gag By
John Kricfalusi

Gabe Del Valle
Alex Salyer
Nick Leysens

Animation Producers
Tom Zombie
Psychospreet Dhillon
Andromeda Strain Romero

Executive Story Editor
West Pico Busriders: 2012, 2014

Post Production Co-Producer
Dominique Braud

Animation Co-Producer
That '70s Line

Associate Producers
Die Felicia
Alhexander Duke
Topanga Commuter

Theme By
Danielo Elfmostro

Music Disposed of by
Claw-and-Son's Haste Management

"The Soul Candy Song"
Music By
John Kricfalusi
Orchestrated by
Gregory Prechel

Original Casting By
Gone Bon Girl

Jordon De Chico
Don "Boogie Man" Barrozo

Production Coordinator
Dressy Spiller

Casting By
Scott Mulrrr!
Ruler Of The Planet Omicron Persei 8!
Casting Associate
Nick "Necrochasm" Conti
(still don't have it)

Dialogue Sound Editors
Bobby Mackston
Norman "Bates" MacLeod

Miscued Riot
Chris Ledesma In D-Minor

Sound Effects Editor
Travis "Bit Crusher" Powers

Re-Recording Mixer
"Mark Of The Wolf" Linden
Tar-Aaaaah! Paul

Production Mixer
David Betancourt

Sound Recordist
Christine Sirois

Music Scoring Mixer
Rick Riccio

Script Supervisor
Louise Jaffe

Production Accountant
Susan Lorenzana

Online Editor
Brian Lund

Post Production Audio Facility
Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility
Technicolor Creative Services

Presented in
Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks
Lisa Walder

Assistant to Mr. Groening
N. Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Jean
Joe Clabby

Assistant to the Producers
Nick Dahan
Daniel Furlong
Benjamin Morse
Roger Ouellette
Cait Raft
Isabelle Redman

Animation Produced By
Film Roman
a Starz company

Overseas Production by
Akom Production Co.

Overseas Animation Director
Nelson Shin

Assistant Director
Pete "Kid Flash" Gomez

Lead Animation Timer
Richard Gasparian

Additional Timers
Michael Polcino
Larry Smith
Sam Im
Timothy Bailey

Second Unit Director
Lance Kramer

Retake Director
Gabriel DeFrancesco

Supervising Storyboard Director
Matthew Schofield

Lucas Gray
Michael Marcantel
Ralph Sosa

Storyboard Revisions
John Achenbach
Luis Escobar
Jeremy Robinson

Animatic Layout
Liz Climo
Grant Lee
Tom Madrid, Jr.
Jeremy Robinson

Animatic Editor
Taylor Allen

Background Design
Lynna Blankenship
Sean Coons
TJ Kim
Hugh MacDonald
Jeffrey A. Mertz
Debbie Peterson
Charles Ragins
Lance Wilder

Character Design
Pete "Kid Flash" Gomez
Dale Hendrickson
Eric S. Keyes
Kevin M. Newman
Tommy Tejeda
Joe Wack
Matt Groening
Sam Simon

Prop Design
Darrel Bowen
John Krause
Kevin Moore
Mike Pettengill
Jefferson R. Weekley

Lead Character Layout
Oscar Pangestu
Paul Wee

Character Layout
Edwin E. Aguilar
Chris Clements
Greg Checketts
Manny DeGuzman
Lejon Douroux
Jess Espanola
Yelena Geodakyan
K.C. Johnson
Sooan Kim
Eric Lara
Ely Lester
Tom Madrid, Jr.
Ryan Rivette
Herman Sharaf

Lead Background Layout
Gerald Clifford Rey

Background Layout
Andy Chen
Ralph DelgadoJabu Henderson
Javier Pineda

CG Artist
Brent M. Bowen

FX Layout
John Dillon
Al Holter
John MacFarlane

Color Design Director
Dima Malanitchev

Color Design Supervisor
Karen Bauer

Color Design
Eli Balser
Anne Legge
Amy Rychlick

Assistant Color Design
Mike Battle
Lisa S. Cervantes

Animation Checkers
William Bemiller
Esther H. Lee

Digital Retakes
Steve Mills
Beth S. Morris

Scene Planner
Erika Isabel Vega

Lip Sync
Robyn Anderson

Track Reader
Laurie Wetzler

Assistant Editors
Kurtis Kunsak
Steven Fahey

Animation Associate Producers
Peter Gave
Michael G. Mahan
Rebecca Totman

Animation Production Managers
Derek Higgs
Steven Schweickart

Animation Production Supervisors
Deirdre Creed
Meghan Short

Animation Production Accountant
Will Anderson

Animation Production Lead Coordinators
Ethan Ogilby
Heliodoro Salvatierra

Animation Production Coordinators
Edu Black
Robert Brunette
Ashley B Cooper
Nikki Isordia
Ross McAlpine
James McKinnie
Brandon Michael Spear
Brittney Anne Vasquez
Angela Wixtrom

Animation Digital Production Assistant
Daniel Vega

Animation Production Assistants
Sarah Greyson
Sam Grinberg
Lilly Hull
Jody Singleton
Brooks Stonestreet

Film Roman - General Manager
Dana Booton

IT Support
David Orona

Huckleberry Hound and all related characters and elements © Hanna-Barbera

Yogi Bear and all related characters and elements © Hanna-Barbera

The persons in this film are fictitous.
Any Similarity to actual persons
or events is unintentional.


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
is the author of this motion picture
for purposes of copyright and other laws.
This motion picture is protected under laws
of the United States and the other countries.
Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition
may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
The Simpsons and The Simpsons characters
TM Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


Creative Consultant

Bat Groening

Executive Creative Consultant

James "You Have No Idea How Much You Frighten Me" Brooks


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