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Treehouse of Horror XXV
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"Treehouse of Horror XXV" is the fourth episode of Season 26, and it is the 25th annual Treehouse of Horror episode.


School is Hell - Bart and Lisa are transported to a demon-filled alternate universe after Bart reads a set of Aramaic symbols he finds on a desk.

A Clockwork Yellow - Moe's "Clockwork Orange"-style gang is disrupted when Dum (Homer) falls for a girl (Marge) who wants him to give up the thug life.

The Others - The Simpson family are haunted by a family of ghosts, which turn out to be the family from the Tracey Ullman shorts, who were murdered and buried under the house.

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Kang and Kodos are hosting a TV special, in which all of the celebrity guests have been tortured and mutilated.

School is Hell

School is Hell

School is Hell title card

Principal Skinner has put Bart in detention, and while dusting a desk Bart finds an Aramaic inscription. Lisa uses an app to translate it, which transports the pair to Hellroads, which is a school in the Burning Hells. Bart excels in the diabolical subjects and asks his parents if he can study there permanently. Bart succeeds in all of his classes in Hell. For his final test, he must torture Homer. Despite Bart's hesitation, Homer lets him. A disfigured Homer proudly watches Bart graduate as valedictorian.

A Clockwork Yellow

A Clockwork Yellow

A Clockwork Yellow title card

Moe has a Clockwork Orange-style gang in London along with Lenny, Carl and Homer. Homer falls for a girl (Marge) who convinces him to quit, and the gang falls apart. Years later, Moe is attacked at home in a style similar to his gang's former ways, and asks Homer to bring the gang back together. Lenny and Carl, who have become policemen, join them. They attack a masked orgy, similar to the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, and several other of his films are parodied in a fight sequence. Kubrick is then shown in an editing room and asks for the entire film to be reshot.

The Others

The Others

The Others title card

In a parody of The Others, The Simpson family find unexplained frosty chocolate milkshakes, blood that says "HELP ME" on the mirror, and that their TV only shows the long-running Fox sitcom Married... with Children.

After a ghost attacks him in his sleep, Homer summons the ghosts, who are the family's 1987 versions from The Tracey Ullman Show. Homer is attracted to the ghost Marge, who prefers him to the former grumpy ghost Homer, so the jealous living Marge kills herself to become a ghost. The ghost Homer becomes jealous and bludgeons the living Homer to death with a toaster. Bart fakes suicide to join the ghosts, tricking Lisa into actually killing herself. Her ghost then murders Bart as revenge. Groundskeeper Willie takes the children's corpses to make stew, and it is implied that he murdered Maggie. Homer chooses his modern-day wife over the older ghost. The next morning, at the breakfast table, Lisa asks if there could ever be any other incarnations of the Simpsons, and a range of Simpson families based on other animations is then shown, including Adventure Time, Pokémon, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, South Park, the animal forms of the Simpson Family, Minions from Despicable Me, the Simpsons' LEGO forms from Brick Like Me, the Simpsons from the Sylvain Chomet couch gag, and even the popular FX series Archer. The segment finishes with the 1987 version of Homer unsuccessfully trying to photograph a good portrait of the two families together, a direct homage to the short "Family Portrait" from The Tracey Ullman Show.



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