I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Treehouse of Horror XVIII
Little Orphan Millie

Created By

Matt Groening

Developed By

James L. Brooks

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Co-Executive Producers

John Frink

Don Payne

Dana Gould

Kevin Curran

J. Stewart Burns

Mike Price

Bill Odenkirk

Marc Wilmore

Joel H. Cohen

Supervising Producers

Larina Jean Adamson

Matt Warburton

Consulting Producer

Carolyn Omine


Dan Greaney

Jeff Westbrook

Ron Hauge

Tom Gammill

Max Pross

Mike Scully

David Mirkin

Mike Reiss

Consulting Producer

David Silverman


Daniel Chun

Supervising Director

Mark Kirkland

Written By

Marc Wilmore

Directed By

Chuck Sheetz

Executive Producers

Ian Maxtone-Graham

Matt Selman

Tim Long

Al Jean

James L. Brooks

Matt Groening

Sam Simon


Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith

Hank Azaria


Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voice

Maurice LaMarche

Also Starring

Pamela Hayden

Terror MacNihl

Karl Aloysious Treaton

Animation Producers

Laurie Biernacki

Rick Polizzi

Animation Executive Producers

John Hyde

Mike Wolf

Scott Gangrene-Berg

Post Production Co-Producer

Dominique Jeff Thomas Braud

Animation Co-Producer

Richard K. Chung

Associate Producers

Hellicia Nalivanscreaming, "Caplan!"

Alexander the Great-Ful Dead

Theme by

Satan McElfovitch

Music Decomposed by

G-Daddy Claws-Son

Blitzkrieg Bop Written by Tommy Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone Performed by The Ramones

Theme From E.T.

Music by 

John Williams

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Music by 

Paul Dukas

Ride of the Valkyries

Music by 

Richard Wagner

She'll Be Coming 'Around the Mountain


Original Casting by

The Bon Ultimatum


Michael Bridge

Don Barrozo

Post Production Supervisor

The Beardshifter

Production Coordinator

I Miss America Ferrara

Post Production Coordinator

Drew Arrison

Dialogue Sound Editors

Bobby Mackston

Josh Kramer

Norman MacLeod

Diatonic Dissection

Crashed Slime 

Oboe Soloist

Tom Boyd

Sound Effects Editor

Travis Powers

Re-Recording Mixers

Alan Decker, C.A.S.

Mark Linden, C.A.S.

Production Mixer

Ron Cox

Sound Recordists

Tim Lauber

Robert Bubba Nichols

Music Mixer

Rick Riccio 


Scott Clausen

Music Preparation

Steven L. Smith


Dell Hake

Music Preparation

Victor Pesavento

Music Librarian

Joe Zimmerman

Script Supervisor

Louise Jaffe

Adr Engineer

Derek Casari

Post Production Audio Facility

Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility


Presented in

Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks

Lisa Walder

Assistant to Mr. Groening

N Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Jean

Mick Kelly

Assistant to the Producers

Colin Contreary

Jesse D Miller

Trisha Hoving

Michael Nobori

Grace Lee

Karolina Waclawiak

Matt Marshall

Andrea Schell

Animation Produced by

Film Roman a Starz Company

Overseas Production by

Akom Production Co

Nelson Shin

Overseas Animation Director

Utit Choomuang

Assistant Director

Jesus Espanola

Animation Timer

Tom Mazzocco

Additional Timers

Pat Shinagawa

Jack Dyer

Storyboards John Mathot/Brad Ableson

Scott Alberts

Rudi Berden

Storyboard Revisionists

Rudi Aberdeen

Bob Miller

Edwin Aguilar

Storyboard Consultant

Jim Reardon

Background Designers

Lance Wilder

Dean Scammahrorn

Lynna Blankenship

Tj Kim

Character Designers

Kevin Moore

Eric Keyes

Richard Manginsay

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Prop Designers

Heejin Kim

Alexandra Kube

Color Design Supervisor

Karen Bauer

Color Designers

Anne Legge

Chris Bolden

Eli Balser

Assistant Color Designers

Lisa S. Waggoner

Mike Battle

Character Layout Artists

Mike Atniel

Jenny Moeller

Cynthia French

Joshua David Gorczyca

Teresa Potter Heimark

Ely Lester

Tyler Pagan

Chance Raspberry

Dane Romley

Fill Marc Sagadraca

Rick Salonga

Justin Wakefield

Jason Warnesky

Kimberly Narsette

Jeanne Erickson

Bob Miller

Character Layout Consultant

Ed Ghertner

Lead Background Layout Artist

Eric Dunn

Background Layout Artist

John Liu

Retake Director

Tim Bailey

Assistant Retake Director

Gabriel DeFrancesco

Animation Checkers

William Bemiller

Esther H Lee

Animate Editors

Martin Alvarez

Heliodoro Salvatierra

Lip Sync

Robyn Anderson

Track Reader

Laurie Wetzler

Animation Associate Producer

Jason Bikowski

Animation Production Manager

Elizabeth Ableson

Animation Production Coordinators

Deanna Asato

Stephanie Moffatt

Animation Production Associates

Trista H Navarro

Desiree E. Craig

Animation Production Assistants

Brooks Stonestreet

Angela Wixtrom

Nikki Isordia

Animation Production Accountant

Ray Miceli

Animation Post Production Supervisor

Michael Mahan

Animation Post Production Coordinator

Ashley Bamburg

Animation Post Production Assistant

Amanda Byrnes

Assistant Film Editor

Kurtis Kunsak

Digital Retakes

Steve Mills


Level 3 Post Larry Field

Executive Director of IT

Charles Mccaskill

Tape Room Operator

Felix Sanchez

The persons in this film are fictitious.

Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.

The Simpsons Episode #JABF16

Copyright ©2007


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and the other countries.

Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The Simpsons and the Simpsons characters, ™ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


Creative Consultant

Bat Groening

Executive Creative Consultant

James What's Grim About The Reaper Brooks




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