Lisa the Vegetarian
Treehouse of Horror VI
King-Size Homer
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Created By

Matt Groening

Developed By

James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon

Co-Executive Producers

Greg Daniels
George Meyer

Supervising Producers

Mikey Scully
Steve Tompkins


David S. Cohen
Brett Forrester


Jack Collier
Ken Keeler

Consulting Producers

David Mirkin
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Ian Maxtone-Graham


John Swartzwelder


J. Michael Mendel
Richard Raynis
David Silverman
Richard Sakai

Written by

John Swartzwelder
Steve Tompkins

David S. Cohen

Directed By

Bob Anderson

Executive Producers

Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein

James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon


Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voices

Paul Anka
Marcia Wallace

Also Starring

Russi Taylor


Dennis Bailey
Ron Brooks
Trish Doolan
Marsha Waterbury

Animation Executive Producer

Phil Roman

Animation Producers

Bill Schultz

Michael Wolf

Executive Consultant

Brad Bird

Live Action Directed by

David Mirkin

Story Editors

Richard Appel

Jennifer Crittenden

Staff Writer

Dan Greaney

Associate Producer

Colin Mozart A.B.V. Lewis

Theme by

Danny Elfman

Music by

Alf Clausen

Just Don't Look

Performed by Paul Anka and Yeardley Smith

Pop! Goes the Weasel


Listen to the Mockingbird

Music by Richard Milburn

Casting by

Bonita Pietila


Mark McJimsey

Don Barrozo

Lee Harting

Post Production Supervisor

Alison Elliott

Animation Production Coordinator for Gracie Films

Joel Kuwahara

Post Production Coordinators

Dominique Braud

Ping Warner

3D Computer Animation by

Pacific Data Images, Inc.

Executive Producers

Carl Rosendahl

Brad Lewis

Computer Animation Director

Tim Johnson

Computer Animation Producer

Denise Minter

PDI Computer Animation Team

Head of Production

Patty Wooton

Technical Directors

Ken Bielenberg

Beth Hofer

Mitch Amino

Jeannie Cunningham

Al Arthur

Sean Curran

Karen Schneider Brodine

Eric Darnell

PDI Computer Animation Team

Chung Chan

Fred Nilssons

Konrad Dunton

Joe Palrang

David Fent

Cecile Picard

Phillippe Gluckman

Luca Prasso

Raman Hui

David Reader

Todd Heapy

Janet Rentel

Collin Hennen

Craig Ring

Sherry Hsieh

Bill Rogina

Noel McGinn

Eric Strang

Paul Wang

Dialogue Sound Editors

Bobby Mackston

Mark McJimsey

Terry Greene

Kim Haves

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