The Totally Sick, Twisted, F***ed-Up Animation Festival was an animation festival the Simpsons went to. At the festival, the Simpsons see Japanimation and a company named 'Animotion'. In the Japanimation cartoon, which happens to be a spoof of the way Japanese animation is made, a wolf like robotic character would be fighting a hot female protagonist. The robotic character fires an electronic web on the girl which then tightly binds her. She then turns into a robotic shrimp and by using her tail fins as a propeller; she succeeds cutting through the web and ends up defeating the villain. Then the Simpsons sit for a presentaion by an animation firm by the name 'Animotion'. As the announcer asks for a volunteer to get into their motion capture suit for a demonstration; Homer already gets zipped up and is ready to go. On a screen on the stage, a 3D dog in a park appears, which tends to mimic the actions of the person wearing the motion capture suit. Homer performs a series of hilarious actions that entertain the crowd and falls in love with the company and finally ends up buying 500 shares of the company by spending all of his life savings. Actually saving a little amount to buy a broken and withered cowbell from eBay.


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