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Homer holding two tomaccoes

Tomacco is the produce made by Homer, when mixing Tobacco and Tomatoes after putting a plutonium rod in the ground near the tobacco and tomato plants.

A tobacco company bought it as it seemed to be legal, but Lisa did not approve because it killed consumers.

History Edit

When Homer Simpson was selling it all the animals ate it and became addicted to it. They became violent, and would do anything to get it. Everyone hates the Tomacco but keeps eating it because of the nicotine in it from the tobacco. It looks like a tomato on the outside but inside it is the brown, flaky tobacco.

Non-canon appearances Edit

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In "The Simpsons: Hit and Run", a billboard can be seen over a Tomacco field.

Trivia Edit

  • In the new high definition opening sequence, Maggie is on the store conveyor belt alongside a bottle of Tomacco Juice.
  • Ralph claimed that tomacco "tastes like grandma".                                     

Appearances Edit

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