Tom Brokaw is a famous journalist. His idol is Lisa Simpson.


He first appeared giving a speech to veterans of World War II, including Grampa Simpson, and promised to give him a foot rub. He, with Dan Rather teased Kent Brockman at the Springfield Press Club.[1] He also regularly visits the Stagnant Springs Health Spa.[2] In the 2010 Winter Olympics, he announced that his idol is Lisa Simpson. He has her book, Unicorns and Me, and CD, and a large of poster with her ​autograph on.[3]

Behind the Laughter

Tom Brokaw didn't provide the voice of the character, Harry Shearer did, although Brokaw was asked to voice himself in "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade". This was because Brokaw liked Harry Shearer's impersonation of him.[4]



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