"To Kill a Talking Bird" is a cartoon starring Itchy & Scratchy. It was shown in a movie theater as a public announcement before the main feature came on.


Itchy and Scratchy are in a movie theater. A cell phone belonging to a duck in the front row rings, and the duck talks loudly into it, to the annoyance of Itchy and Scratchy and the other animal patrons. Fed up, Itchy replaces the duck's phone with a lit stick of dynamite. The duck keeps on talking, not noticing anything until the fuse is almost all gone, at which point the duck realizes what's happening and quacks an "uh-oh". The dynamite then explodes, destroying the duck's flesh and reducing him to a pile of bones which collapses into his seat.

Scratchy and the other animal patrons cheer. Then Itchy cuts Scratchy's belly open with a knife, pulling out his intestines and throwing them at the movie screen, where they spell out "Please No Talking".