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Monty Can't Buy Me Love
They Saved Lisa's Brain
Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo


  • Stephen Hawking says to Homer, "Your theory of a donut-shaped universe is intriguing... I may have to steal it." This line references scientific theories that the universe is toroidal, a donut-shape.
  • During the commercial for the Maui competition, the character beginning to limbo greatly resembles Futurama's Barbados Slim, who happens to be an Olympic Limboer.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the sci-fi movie "They Saved Hitler's Brain".
  • Homer mistakes Stephen Hawking for Larry Flynt, the founder of "Hustler Magazine", who has been confined to a wheelchair since an assassination attempt.
  • The quote, "Shut up-a your mouth!", almost sounded like Boris Badenov's catchphrase, "Sharrup you mouth!" from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.


  • In the dog track scene, Mayor Quimby can be seen in the stands, even though he earlier fled Springfield thinking MENSA had heard of his corruption.
  • When Lisa is writing the letter, his typewriter is facing the wall aside to the shelf, but when homer leaves the room, it's facing the wall oposite to the shelf.
  • MENSA got rid of green traffic lights, however only having two lights would be extremely dangerous.
    • Also MENSA would have to change the law to institute this, as it is illegal to drive through a red or amber light.

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