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  • This episode was the first to be broadcast by the BBC, on BBC One on 23 November 1996, making it the first episode to be seen by UK terrestrial viewers (the satellite channel Sky One had shown the programme since 1990). Moving to BBC Two from 10 March 1997, it continued on the BBC until terrestrial rights moved to Channel 4 in 2004.
  • This was the first episode to be broadcasted in Australia on Channel 10 in early 1991.
  • Red, purple, green, blue: The colors of Jell-o molds Marge makes for the picnic.
  • A sign outside Burns manor reads, "Poachers will be shot."
  • The hypnotic show the Happy little Elves supervises the children in the nursery at the company picnic.
  • Smithers wears his plant I.D. card even at the picnic.
  • This is the first broadcast episode of the series that Bart says his catch phrase "Don't have a Cow". He had already said it in the Tracey Ullman shorts and it is also in "Some Enchanted Evening" which has an earlier production code but was broadcast at the end of the first season.
  • This is the first episode that the Simpsons have been shot at.
  • This is the first episode that Maggie smiles. (In this episode, she grins while she's pressing the buttons as the rest of the family shock themselves.)
  • The police dog's name is Bobo, which is also the name of Mr. Burns' teddy bear.
  • The phone number for Dr. Monroe's center is 1-800-555-hugs.
  • This episode is the first time the audience sees the cartoon Itchy and Scratchy. In this cartoon, Scratchy sticks his head into a mousehole, and Itchy blows his head off by making him swallow a bomb.
  • This is only one of two episodes on the Season 1 boxset to end with the original 20th Century Fox Television logo that was used on the first three seasons of the show. The only other episode to have it is "Krusty Gets Busted". Every other episode has the 20th Television logo.
  • When Homer is saying that they have to get 250 dollars for the therapy in the background you can see a teddybear on the lower shelf near the stero that looks exactly like Mr. Burns' bear Bobo.
  • Bart and Lisa's college fund amounts to $88.50.
  • Their TV is a Motorola, and the pawn clerk knows Homer's name when he enters.
  • The "perfect" family that Homer encounters at the end of Mr. Burns' picnic is seen again later, behind the Simpsons at Dr. Monroe's office.
  • Dr. Monroe keeps his aggression therapy mallets in a gun cabinet.
  • The family acts wildly out of character in this episode: Homer is much more caring and actually suggests to eat at the dinner table instead of watching TV. He also brings up the subject of selling the TV, something Homer typically would never think of doing, and is embarrassed of his family being dysfunctional (usually, Marge or Lisa would be the ones embarrassed). Marge is a drunkard who behaves a lot like Homer. While Bart and Maggie have the same personalities, Lisa seems to act much more bratty, which is reminiscent of her actions on the Tracy Ullman Show. The writers on the DVD commentary have noted this, and wrote off the mistakes as an experiment.
  • Mr. Burns looking at an index card to greet the Simpson family is reference to Ronald Reagan, who was known to use index cards to greet families at his parties.
  • The family that goes out Dr. Monroe's office before the Simpsons do, look exactly like the Simpsons themselves.
  • Mr. Burns misspells Bart as "brat". This is an anagram for Bart.


  • When Marge gets drunk at the picnic, she falls on Homer while saying "Homie, did you try the punch?", her lips don't move.
  • When the Simpsons are spying on the old man, the boy and the old woman, all three of them disappear and then reappear between shots. Whenever there is a wide shot from outside the house, they are not there but when there is a close shot from outside or inside they are there.
  • As Homer is carrying the TV towards the pawn shop in the first shot the left window is clear. There is then a tracking shot of the family walking and when they get in front of the store the window has writing on it saying Pawn Shop. The writing is in black and the next shot when they are talking the writing is now dark brown.
  • During the commercial which advertises Dr. Marvin Monroe's services, two parents shout at each other until their child enters and tells them to both shut up. This ends in a freeze frame, and the mother has a sad expression on her face. When Marvin Monroe enters, her frozen expression then changes (you can see this over his right shoulder).
  • Before Homer enters the pawn shop you can see the TV is a purple color. As he enters the store the color of the TV is now blue.  
  • When the TV shows the eagle give food to his children, the man on the TV says "the father of the family". Later, he says it was the mother.

Appearances in other media

  • There's No Disgrace Like Home made a cameo appearance in the 1990 film Die Hard 2:Die Harder. The scene of the Simpson family at Dr. Monroe's clinic shocking each other appears on Holly McClane's flight; ironically it is shown right after a stewardess says that the passengers are getting restless about not landing (terrorists had captured the runways and prevented any flights from landing), and the captain suggests to her "TV, that usually calms the passengers down."


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